They Faced Racial Bias In Military Discipline. That Can Impact National Security

Unequal punishment based on race is a problem across the armed forces. Veterans and military experts say that racial bias in military discipline has become a serious threat to national security.

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Hasnain says:

“After basic training and advanced individual training, LaGroon was at Fort Polk in Vernon Parish, La. in 2004 when he witnessed a white superior discipline a Latino soldier for being late. A white soldier showed up even more tardy, and received no punishment. LaGroon says that after the incident, other soldiers discussed what they had witnessed and concluded that the junior white soldier was not disciplined because both he and their superior were white.

"Now, whether that's true or not, that's the perception and the perception is the reality," LaGroon says. "It's what I took from it. It's what others around me of different races took from it."”

Posted on 2021-08-22T20:06:09+0000