Twitter users renew calls of yes, all men after woman assaulted by 400 men at Minar-e-Pakistan

People are enraged and are calling out the way our society views women after the horrifying incident.

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Hasnain says:

This is such a messed up and horrifying situation. What’s really horrifying is the realization that for some of the perpetrators this is probably just an average day, because as a society we just let this go on unpunished. Despite what people may say, this (by that I mean harassment and worse against women) is the norm and not the exception, and major changes are needed.

“Pakistani women deserve better than being made into examples of why women deserve rights. We shouldn't need examples of why we should protect women, it should be a forgone conclusion. How many women will it take for people to realise that we have a big problem in the way we view and treat women? And for our government officials who don't want issues to be highlighted lest we "tarnish" Pakistan's image — our image is being tarnished by the assaulters, not the people crying out for protection for our citizens or the victims.”

Posted on 2021-08-18T15:13:04+0000