At Blizzard, groping, free-flowing booze and fear of retaliation tainted ‘magical’ workplace

Interviews with 17 current and former Blizzard employees offered an inside look at the 'frat boy' culture alleged in a recent lawsuit.

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Hasnain says:

““Almost every woman I know of at Blizzard has a story of either actual, literal sexual assault that they were afraid to go to HR about, or a man with power over her, undermining her and taking credit for her work, dismissing her, talking over her, being the last person to get promoted, despite being eminently capable,” said Jennifer Klasing, a former World of Warcraft quest designer who left the company in October 2020. “Almost every single woman I know that’s been there longer than a year has at least one of these stories.””

Posted on 2021-08-06T20:21:06+0000