‘It has to be known what was done to us’: Natick couple harassed by eBay tell their story for the first time - The Boston Globe

David and Ina Steiner were terrorized for weeks in the summer of 2019 by a team of employees from Internet giant eBay. Here is their account of the events, which have led to criminal charges and a civil lawsuit.

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Hasnain says:

This is so terribly scary. They hosted some articles (rightly) critical of the CEO and suddenly eBay contractors were harassing them (sending bloody pigs heads and other deliveries), threatening them (tagging their fence, various tweets) and stalking them (flew to the area and drove by, tried to install a tracker on the car). Whew.

“In June 2020, federal prosecutors announced criminal charges against six former eBay employees and a contractor. The company apologized to the Steiners, and in a lengthy statement said it had conducted its own investigation that had resulted in terminating all of the employees charged by the government plus communications chief Wymer, who has not been charged.

The investigation also found that former CEO Wenig had made “inappropriate communications” but did not have advance knowledge of the harassment and stalking. Wenig, who was not charged, was allowed to resign in September 2019 with a compensation package worth $57 million; the Steiner scandal was a “consideration” in his departure, the company has said.”

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