Hasnain says:

Very insightful read on social media, the culture war, and recent polarization.

“Maybe the best way to view the Biles controversy and every other controversy is through this intractable culture war lens. Maybe this garbage trending feature is actually a service that offers us a reliable indicator of how angry and fucked up we are as a country. It’s possible. But I’m curious what we gain, as a society, from engaging this way. I’ve stared into the toxic, beating heart of culture war Twitter for years, and I don’t believe I’ve ever received anything in return that has made me a better, more empathetic person. Instead, the process has stolen a great deal of my optimism and a bit of my trust in fellow humans. I’ve been able to temper this feeling by living in spaces that aren’t Twitter or social media. But it’s a lie to say there hasn’t been some damage.”

Posted on 2021-07-30T05:22:00+0000