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Some opinionated thoughts on SQL databases Mar 30, 2021 People who work with me tend to realize that I have Opinions about databases, and SQL databases in particular. Last week, I wrote about a Postgres debugging story and tweeted about AWS’ policy ban on internal use of SQL databases, and had occ...

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Hasnain says:

“I have a real love/hate relationship with SQL databases. They are incredibly powerful tools, and when used well can drastically simplify architectures and help solve entire classes of consistency and durability problems. At the same time, every time I interact with one, I feel like the experience is one of a thousand avoidable papercuts, and that the experience could be so much better without losing almost any of their strengths. SQL as an API is in many ways a relic from another era, and while it’s held up remarkably well, it also feels like it shows its age. The operational problems also terrify and enrage me. Databases are always going to be challenging and sources of complexity and danger, but it feels like SQL engines barely even try to offer predictability performance or to build reliable guard rails against accidentally taking the entire site down.

Posted on 2021-03-31T06:41:11+0000