It 'Might Take Weeks' To Free Ship Stuck In Suez Canal, Salvage Company Says

The CEO of the Dutch company Boskalis, which is working to dislodge the 1,300-foot-long ship, compared the vessel to "an enormous beached whale."

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Hasnain says:

But the memes coming out of this situation have been so glorious I don’t know where to begin.

“But Peter Berdowski, CEO of Dutch company Boskalis, which is trying to free the ship, compared it to "an enormous beached whale" and said "it might take weeks" to get the vessel off, possibly necessitating "a combination of reducing the weight by removing containers, oil and water from the ship, tugboats and dredging of sand."”

Posted on 2021-03-26T07:34:21+0000