Google's program for Black college students suffered disorganization and culture clashes, former participants say

Program participants said the company moved too fast and broke some things.

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Hasnain says:


On one hand, I’m happy they tried to work on this problem. On the other hand, bungling the execution like this can do more harm than good. On the third hand, I don’t believe any other large silicon valley employer would be able to do better either because the problem is so structural.

There are too many quotes to pick out - I’ll pick the one that struck me the most:

“"It was like nobody had seen an African American person before," said 2018-19 student Saraah Cooper, describing her everyday experience on Google's campus.

"A regular Google employee came into the game room and asked us for all of our IDs and we were kind of confused because he wasn't security or anything," said 2018 scholar Afeeni Phillips.

"There was this lady in front of me in line for a food truck and she turned around, looked me in my eyes and said 'this line is only for Google employees — you can't eat here,'" Tolbert recalled, adding that he considered the incident a symptom of broader issues not exclusive to Google's campus. "So I grabbed my badge and lifted it up to my face because apparently that's the only place she was looking."”

Posted on 2021-02-23T03:38:56+0000