Amazon Can Make Just About Anything—Except a Good Video Game

The company produces successful movies, TV shows, e-readers and speakers, but gaming has proven difficult to crack.

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Hasnain says:

This is pretty damning. Good examples for why you should listen to the team and inspire folks and let them do their best.

“Then, according to numerous current and former employees of Frazzini’s game studios, he ignored much of their advice. He frequently told staff that every Amazon game needed to be a “billion-dollar franchise” and then understaffed the projects, they say. Instead of using industry-standard development tools, Frazzini insisted Amazon build its own, which might have saved the company money if the software ever worked properly. Executives under Frazzini initially rejected charges that New World, an Amazon game that would ask players to colonize a mythical land and murder inhabitants who bear a striking resemblance to Native Americans, was racist. They relented after Amazon hired a tribal consultant who found that the portrayal was indeed offensive, say two people who worked on the project. The game, previously planned for release last year, is now scheduled for this spring.”

Posted on 2021-01-30T19:30:08+0000