How to effectively use procedural generation in games

In this rich excerpt from "Procedural Storytelling in Game Design," developer and proc-gen expert Darius Kazemi shares some ways to use procedural generation more effectively in game development.

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Hasnain says:

Written for a specific problem, this advice applies everywhere though.

“The last thing I’ll say is that keeping your procedural generation implementations as simple as possible has a nearly invisible long term benefit to your career as a creator. Doing so allows you to ship more things than you would otherwise. Actually putting work out into the world means your art will have viewers, your game will have players, your music will have listeners. You will probably get feedback on your algorithms, and you will discover ways that players interact with or perceive them that you could not have predicted.

This is real knowledge that you can take into your next project or your next iteration of the same project. If you spend five years building what seems like the perfect content generator, I guarantee that no matter how much testing you do you will not learn as much about its shortcomings as you will when you release it into the world.

Posted on 2020-10-26T05:28:21+0000