Hasnain says:

All aboard the rust hype train. This was a good intro on how to get acclimatized to Rust coming from different views of thinking.

"Plenty of ink has been written about ownership and the borrow checker. It follows the most unprecedented feature would have the most said about it. There seems to be a common refrain: "It's really hard at first, but stick with it. You'll see, it changes everything". Sounds suspiciously like Vim or Emacs users (please don't fight me). Is it the promised land or just a severe case of Stockholm syndrome?
Nevertheless, extensive reading had prepared me to expect a big ol' messy fight with the borrow checker. We did tussle, but it went better than expected. Ironically, after years of C# game development, performance concerns have taught me much of the internal dialogue needed to reason about memory lifetimes: "Is this allocated on the stack or heap? Is this going to create allocation (garbage collection) pressure? Is this copying data or mutating it in place?"
In this sense, when the borrow checker complained I could at least appreciate what it was trying to protect me against. And as to be expected, it may be a while yet before I fully grok lifetimes. Controversially though, "Rust's expressive type system" put up a stiffer fight than I anticipated."

Posted on 2020-10-25T07:20:03+0000