Themed days, Timeboxing and why you should use them.

Have you ever wondered how Elon Musk is running two billion-dollar companies at once? Musk is an interesting example of someone who manages his time so well that he can work 100 hours a week and still manage to take time out for his hobbies, family, and even Twitter! So, how does he do it?

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Hasnain says:

This gets close to productivity porn territory but was quite relatable.

"Themed days could be super useful if you already have a day job and are trying to make time for your side hustle. Instead of trying to work on it one hour each day after your day job when you already feel exhausted, you dedicate a whole day for your side project.

With the one hour a day approach, the chance you could skip the scheduled hour is higher; with themed days, maintaining self-discipline is much easier."

Posted on 2020-10-25T06:46:58+0000