On Immigration

With photos taken from my travels. I guess we really do photograph what we love. I am flying on a plane today. It will take me to my country of birth, Great Britain and, when I land, someone will tell...

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Hasnain says:

This was an engaging human interest story discussing one persons experience with immigration across multiple countries.

“I kept the dollar bill. Canada stopped making them in the late 80s, so it served as a curiosity and even a kind of totem. At first I kept it for fun, but as my life plans changed, it became a sort of companion. At the end of 2016, in a winter that turned wondrously white, I decided I wanted to stay in Canada and in the wet spring of 2017, a wrinkling bill still in my wallet, I began that process, a process that mostly involved documents. There’s nothing quite like immigration to remind you that your life, to someone else, is mostly a collection of documents.”

Posted on 2020-08-22T06:57:24+0000