How to Lead a Project - as a Software Engineer

On my engineering team, every team member eventually leads a project, no matter how junior (or senior) they are. This is a practice I've built up over years. We've shipped complex projects like rewriting the Uber rider app and the Uber driver app - our team of up to 20

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Hasnain says:

This was an interesting “technical” read on project management and expectations from a senior engineer.

One thing I liked was that the author was not prescriptive - rather, just laying out an expectations framework. There is a link to a more detailed document as well as a prescriptive version for people doing this for the first time - I skimmed those and they seemed legit.

“I tried to put all of these as guidance: being clear on the expected output, but not specifying the “how”. Want to do this via Scrum? Fine. Adhoc? Also good. Some weird, new method? Go ahead. Having space for tech leads to experiment is so important for growing for leads”

Posted on 2020-01-20T02:07:56+0000