Hasnain says:

This was a really good read on balancing the 'I want this code to be perfect' approach with a mindset around how code evolves over time - when is the right time to work on the best abstraction, versus leaving it open to evolution before we're sure we know the right approach?

"It was already late at night (I got carried away). I checked in my refactoring to master and went to bed, proud of how I untangled my colleague’s messy code.

The Next Morning
… did not go as expected.

My boss invited me for a one-on-one chat where they politely asked me to revert my change. I was aghast. The old code was a mess, and mine was clean!

I begrudginly complied, but it took me years to see they were right."

Posted on 2020-01-11T22:35:36+0000