Hasnain says:

This was such a good human interest story that captures the story of Ken Liu, who’s brought so much amazing science fiction to the English speaking world.

The article also goes into the Chinese sci-fi scene as well as contemporary politics.

If you haven’t heard of Ken Liu, he’s famous for translating the Three Body problem series. If you haven’t heard of that series... well, get off Facebook and read the trilogy like right now. I mean it.

“Now, Liu Cixin says, he recommends that Chinese sci-fi fans who speak English read Ken Liu’s translation of “The Three-Body Problem” rather than the Chinese version. “Usually when Chinese literature gets translated to a foreign language, it tends to lose something,” he says. “I don’t think that happened with ‘The Three-Body Problem.’ I think it gained something.”

Posted on 2019-12-17T06:55:47+0000