In a Wisconsin village, the doctor makes house calls — and sees the rarest diseases on Earth

When James DeLine became a rural doctor, he had no experience treating the Amish, and no idea he'd be at the cutting edge of genetic medicine.

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Hasnain says:

Interesting human interest story into both a singularly driven doctor and a local community.

Also apparently a lot of the “rare” diseases coming from inbreeding seem to show up in totally unrelated parts of the world. That seems... new. I wonder what the odds are there.

“To date, Baple and Crosby have identified 75 conditions that were new to medical science, of which 30 are found in higher levels in Amish communities. In a few cases, research into these rare diseases has reached the point where scientists are describing potential therapies.”

Posted on 2019-12-01T02:36:57+0000