Why Is There So Much Saudi Money in American Universities?

Saudi Arabia has quietly directed tens of millions of dollars a year to American universities from M.I.T. to Northern Kentucky. What are the nation’s rulers getting out of it?

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Hasnain says:

Interesting analysis of Saudi influence in the US via university - and other - funding, MBS approach to things, university funding in general, and general politics.

““Lester talked about what a tiny fraction of the overall budget the Saudi money is,” says Jonathan King, the editorial board chairman of M.I.T.’s faculty newsletter. “He could have decided that we don’t have to be in bed with murderers and a government that imprisons its women activists. But he insisted on keeping the relationship. I don’t get it. Why would M.I.T. want to sully its national and international reputation for chump change?””

Posted on 2019-07-07T16:54:34+0000