FBI accuses wealthy parents, including celebrities, in college-entrance bribery scheme

Authorities said the defendants used “bribery and other forms of fraud” to facilitate their children’s admission to schools such as Georgetown, Yale and Stanford.

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Hasnain says:

I'm glad these people were caught.

The article points out that the people in this case were prosecuted because "the wealthy" should not have a backdoor that bypasses the admissions system as it's unfair.

At the same time though there is this quote: "US Attorney re the Huffman/Loughlin (among others) college scam: "We're not talking about donating a building...we're talking about fraud.""

This baffles me as it seems to morally be the same issue just at a different (10-100x lower) price point?

Posted on 2019-03-13T07:12:06+0000