In what was her first game of NetHack ever, SWAGGINZZZ struggled. She constantly bumped into walls, and oftentimes found herself with critically low HP. The setbacks would not deter her however, and after 7 minutes and 15 seconds she ended up ascending – having taken 2087 in-game turns to do so.

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Hasnain says:

This was a very technical read, about NetHack - while I don't know the game, I appreciated learning more about it.

The authors built a bot to play NetHack online, on a public server, and gain a high score.

They did this in a pretty novel way: predicting the RNG, and then using that to sort of play out a picture perfect run.

The devil was in the details though, and they talk about the challenges of how to get enough data to determine the seed fast enough to be relevant. It also goes into some nice quirky implementation details.

Worth reading if you want to nerd out.

Posted on 2019-01-28T06:28:38+0000