How We’ll Forget John Lennon - Issue 68: Context - Nautilus

A few years ago a student walked into the office of Cesar A. Hidalgo, director of the Collective Learning group at the MIT Media Lab.…

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Hasnain says:

This was a really interesting read. The author interviews a researcher at the MIT media lab who studies the phenomena of cultural and collective memories.

The article talks about how there are two decay curves, one rapid and one smooth - and how they have varied over time as technology has innovated. There’s also some side discussion over trends, fads, and famous people throughout history.

Choice quote: “At the same time, scientists and the general scientific community have not been great at adapting their ideas to new mediums. Scientists are the first ones to bring down another scientist who tries to popularize content in a way that would not be traditional. So scientists are their own worst enemies in this battle. They have lagged behind in their ability to learn how to use these mediums. Sometimes they focus too much on the content without paying attention on how to adapt it to the medium that will best help it get out.”

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