PG&E falsified gas pipeline records for years after deadly explosion, regulators say

Already facing massive liabilities in connection with the Camp fire, PG&E was found to have violated safety rules requiring utilities to mark natural gas pipelines in the years after one of its pipelines exploded in 2010, killing eight people.

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Hasnain says:

“The California Public Utilities Commission said Friday that a staff investigation found PG&E had violated rules requiring utilities to locate and mark natural gas pipelines to make sure other companies or people don’t accidentally damage them during construction and other projects that involve digging. The commission’s investigation found that PG&E didn’t have enough employees dedicated to that work and that PG&E supervisors, facing pressure from their bosses, falsified data “so requests for pipeline locating and marking would not appear as late.””

Posted on 2018-12-16T02:46:03+0000