Opinion | I Was Kicked Off Stage by College Students. Did I Deserve It?

Columbia students didn’t like my joke and they had the right to cut my mic. But we all should have gotten the chance to stick it out.

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Hasnain says:

"I was grateful. They helped me see that when older people call students today oversensitive, we do the same thing that we accuse the college students of doing — jumping to a predetermined conclusion based on the action of a small group. I’ve been talking about this onstage since the night it happened, and I’ve realized that this generalization about college students is not unlike racists thinking every brown person is a terrorist, or people thinking that every orange-faced, yellow-haired person is a lying idiot. Most brown people have yet to blow anything up, and most orange-faced yellow-haired people are decent Floridians."

Posted on 2018-12-09T17:41:28+0000