Bowel movement: the push to change the way you poo

The long read: Are you sitting comfortably? Many people are not – and they insist that the way we’ve been going to the toilet is all wrong

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Hasnain says:

"At the same time, social media has had other, more humanising effects. In the 1970s, Alexander Kira of Cornell University diagnosed Americans with a psychological and cultural aversion to squatting, as well as to talking openly about our basest bodily functions. Today, after little more than a generation, people are opening up about defecation in a way that was presaged by early, faeces-focused social media sites such as and These sites were often anonymous and almost completely free from the cultural censors that ran traditional media. By contrast, today people happily put their names to stories about their bowel movements, and you can read about anal fissures in the pages of the New York Times."

Posted on 2018-12-06T00:05:21+0000