How to Get Away with Spying for the Enemy

How does someone get away with helping a foreign adversary? Writer Sarah Laskow digs into the gonzo story of an American acquitted of spying for the Soviets—even after he confessed to it.

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Hasnain says:

"Only Rewald and Smith claimed they had been on America’s side the whole time and had a lawyer with the bluster to try to sell that story. However flimsy that defense might have sounded to counterintelligence pros, to someone outside that world, Smith’s story might not seem entirely preposterous. The choice comes down to whose statements you trust more—people who work for the government, who make a living from keeping secrets or guy who, if he’s telling the truth, was betrayed by his own government. That betrayal seemed all too possible."

Posted on 2018-04-21T17:00:40+0000