Urban activists set out to sue San Francisco's suburbs

A much unloved San Franciscan and her cohorts push a posh suburb to start building denser and more affordable apartments.

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Hasnain says:

“Most people would be very uncomfortable tearing down 315 houses. But they don’t have a similar objection to never building them in the first place, even though I feel they’re morally equivalent. Those people show up anyway. They get born anyway. They get a job in the area anyway. What do they do? They live in an overcrowded situation, they pay too much rent, they have a commute that’s too long. Or maybe they outbid someone else, and someone else is displaced.”

“It’s easy to see the problem when you’re tearing down someone’s home. But when you’re not building, it’s hard to see whose home it is.”

Posted on 2015-10-11T22:45:43+0000