The fallacy of success. • Mustapha Abiola

Excerpted from All things Considered by G. K. Chesterton, from an edition by John Lane Company, New York, 1909. There has appeared in our time a particular class of books and articles, which I sincerely and solemnly think may be called the... | Mustapha Abiola | Abstract artist. Concrete Analyst.

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Hasnain says:

Or suppose that in the course of his intellectual rambles the philosopher of Success dropped upon our other case, that of playing cards, his bracing advice would run–”In playing cards it is very necessary to avoid the mistake (commonly made by maudlin humanitarians and Free Traders) of permitting your opponent to win the game. You must have grit and snap and go in to win. The days of idealism and superstition are over. We live in a time of science and hard common sense, and it has now been definitely proved that in any game where two are playing IF ONE DOES NOT WIN THE OTHER WILL.”

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